Changing Stocks

In 2014 I started a project with a Remington 700 SPS in 7mm Remington Magnum. This was a pawn shop find that was going to be a long range rig. The SPS models are the base level guns produced by Remington with the lowest quality stocks available.

I have had these stocks become hot enough to become very soft, to the point that it feels tacky as if it is going to melt.

The first thing I did was buy a Bobby Hart laminated stock, and a Wyatt’s magazine system. Then I spent Fourth Of July 2014 watching River Monster marathon, and fitting the bottom metal for the magazine system into the new stock.

At the end of 2014 I sold a large portion of my collection to clean up some debt. The 7mm was part of that sell off, but the stock and magazine system stayed.

Fast forward to this project. The first thing I did when I walked in the door with the .300 was to set the box down, and take the dogs for a walk, then start cooking dinner. But after all that was done I stripped the factory stock off and tried the Bobby Hart out for size, and it work just fine. Though I did decide to leave the Bell & Carlson on it for the time being.

I also mounted the magazine system.

After a couple of month of use the magazine system was not working out. The magazine would drop down a fraction of an inch and cause feeding problems, most often the round would nose dive into the receiver just below the chamber.

As I have been writing this I also have been studying Wyatt’s website and have found this is a common occurrence if the front pillar is too long, which would just need to be sanded, or ground slightly to fit properly.

Unfortunately both the B&C, and the Bobby Hart stocks have a full aluminum bedding blocks, which will require some serious work to bring them into the needed tolerances to work with the magazine system, which means that it is back to the factory installed magazine, and floorplate.


With this decision I also reinstalled the the Bobby Hart stock, and did the dollar bill test, and it failed.

The dollar bill test is a simple way to see if the barrel touches the stock at any point, and even though the bill did slide the whole length of the barrel it was dragging the entire time. This is easily fixed buy some judicious sanding of the stocks barrel channel. 

I will have this completed the next time I am home. 

For some reason this post has taken quite some time to create even though it was pretty straight forward. Maybe too much going on, and not being especially creative was working against me this time.

09/26/2016 The Corbin Ky Love’s Truck Stop.

















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