I made it out to the range a couple of weeks ago, and overall the results were mixed.

 First thing I did was fired the last 5 rounds of factory Norma ammunition. This was to to rezero the scope after having the new lower rings mounted.  The processes went very fast which was very surprising because I expected the horizontal impact to be off. I expected it to be high because the original mount was about twice as high. Fortunately it was dead on as far as horizontal impact was concerned.

 The vertical position was about 2 full mills to the right. Or about 18-20 inches. I made the necessary adjustments, then took my next shot. that one was also still off the red stickie bullseye but only buy a couple of inches the third and fourth rounds were in the red.

 I suspect the scope being that far off to the right had something to do with the fact that I did drop it on the windage knob not once but twice when I was mounting it.

 On to the first load.


 This is load number 38, and as you can see I was making a nice group but shot number 3 was pulled from me flenching because of the recoil, I was still able to finish the last two shots with a group at slightly larger than an inch. I went ahead and made 10 more rounds of this load for further experimentation.


 Load number 39 did not fare too well. If I was a gun magazine writer I would explain how this is a perfect group for the intended use. If my intended use was to miss the target I guess I could be happy with this group also. The group was shot number 11-15 for the day and I was starting to become a little twitchy, so the poor showing of this load may be due to my sissiness.

On this day I did not try load number 40, it would of been a waste of money. 

 At the end of this session I was at shot number 50 for the rifle. My plan will be to run it until shot number 100 then clean the bore of all the copper fouling. This will allow me to start building my fouling chart to learn where the fouling equilibrium is. More on this in a dedicated post.

  The next trip to the range will also include the much anticipated muzzle break. If it works as planned I will be sending some heavy metal down range soon.

  Too be continued. 

PS another development.



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