New Toys


 I arrived home Saturday Night and sitting on the dining room table was a couple of boxes that I have been expecting for a while, and quite happy to finally have received.

 The first was a bag of 500 .308 caliber 175 grain bullets manufactured by Nosler ammunition company. They are part of the Nosler Custom Competition line of components and used in the company’s match grade cartridges, and sold with the normal ”Match Grade” price tag.

 Being that they are .308 diameter the number of different cartridges that can utilize these bullets is quite numerous. One of my goals is to have 10,000 put away for my retirement. Also in case that another run on ammunition, and components occur I will at lest have some items put back.

  This particular lot will be segregated for load development, and normal use. 


Bucket O’ Bullets

 The second item was a 25 round box of of Nosler Brass in of course 300 RUM. These will also be put to the side for later use. 


 The most important item is the reloading dies. Now I can start my load development which if I do my part, and if the rifle is mechanically capable I will be starting on my next leg of my journey for 1,500 yard hits.

 More to come shortly.


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