Well the wife and I recently returned from visiting family, and friends in the kind of great state of Ohio. It would be much better if the dummies had not elected the bag of dog shit John Kasich Governor. But that is a rant for someplace else.

One of the things I wanted done was to have the muzzle of the rifle threaded for a muzzle break, and maybe at some point a silencer. 

 I had Dana Brownfield of D&D Shooting Supplies do the needed metal work. Though at this time the break has not been installed. The particular break that we decided would work best had to be ordered, and I decided to have Dana apply a light sand blasted finish to  give it a flat appearance. This will help with not spooking any game if at some point I decide to use this rifle for hunting.


P1050415 (2)

 Because I now live about 900 miles from the Dana’s shop he will be shipping it to me. This should not cause any issues as the break that we chose to use has port holes milled 360 degrees around its surface, this will eliminate any timing issues.  

 Had I gone with a break that exhaust to the side, having the port lined up perfectly would be very important. Because the ports are 360 degrees there will be no correct position thus eliminating any negative pull off during recoil that could occur with a break that was timed incorrectly.

 The disadvantage to this system is that the muzzle blast will kick up dirt, and stone throwing this debris into my face.

 Don’t worry ladies nothing in this world could ever harm my most lovely appearance.



 I also purchased a set of low profile scope rings, a new set of sling swivels, a set of reloading dies, and some virgin brass for load development.

 The new mounts should go a long way in providing me with a much better cheek weld. Something I have been whining about since I started this project.

 Much more to come soon.

 07/26/2016 One Stop Travel Plaza Newburg, Maryland. 

Just sitting waiting for the repair truck to come and fix the problem that was supposed to have been fixed last week.


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