Scopes and mounts.

 Not much has been going on in the 300 RUM world these last few weeks. I have been on the road only getting home on the Fourth of July weekend then doing some local, and overnight runs. 

 Arriving home last night Susan and I started preparing for our trip back to Ohio to see family and friends. But I am most excited about the fact that I will be having a muzzle break installed on the RUM. 

 Yes I have been told my priorities can sometimes be misguided.

 Now to the topic of the title, as stated earlier the cheek wield on this rifle using the S.S.A.L.T mount from SWFA is not working at all. This is affecting my ability to maintain a solid follow through hold during recoil.

 A low mount will be installed later this week after the metal work is finished. And as of this morning the rifle is at the shop waiting to be started on.

As of this morning A set of Weaver 30mm rings have been added and the metal work should be starting. Hopefuly I will be able to get some video of the mill work. 

  More shortly.



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