5 Shot’s

 Monday, June 13 I went back to Gateway with the plan of shooting several rifles, but with the heat it was not going to happen. Though it was still a very productive day.

 First I fired two rounds over the chronograph to get a velocity reading. This is where I needed a camera filming.

 The chronograph was mounted on a regular camera tripod with the shaft that the chronograph mounts to extended up about half of its total length. After firing the first round the muzzle blast caused the shaft to retract to its lowest position. Annoying but funny. The second shot had to be taken from a less than conventional position but all worked out in the end.

The readings work out to an average of 3,144 FPS.

 My next problem was that my ballistic program would not allow me to update my load information, and instead kept the old load information from a .308 Winchester load. This made it necessary to do it the old fashioned way .

 The first round hit about 8” right, and 3” low at 200 yards. This was with a cold almost clean barrel. Only the third shot after cleaning it. The first two being when I was chronographing earlier. The adjustments made and I was ready to run my last 5 rounds for this rifle for the day.


 Shooting from the prone position was fun. The recoil was definitely making itself known, but was not as harsh as it was while shooting off the bench. But with the scope mounted so high it makes good solid shots hard to achieve. I will be biting the bullet and ordering a new set of rings next week, and will have to start the process over again. 

 The process should go quickly because it has already been sighted in so the only adjustment will be the elevation.

 Until my next time at home it will be just working to pay for these expansive habits of mine.

 More to come. 


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