First Shot’s.

De Pain.            De Pain.

After getting everything put together and ready to go I hit the range. The first chore was to get the scope adjusted. I set up at the 25 yard position and fired a total of 3 rounds. The impact point was center target, but about 4 inches high. 

 This normally would not be an issue with most .308 Winchester loads as the impact point on the paper targets I normally use would still be in the black center of the scoring rings. Not so using  a round that is moving at about 800-900 fps faster. 

27”x 27” target.

 After firing 2 rounds I was not able to find the impact holes. So I moved down to the bottom sticky target dot. The point of impact was 19 inches high.Meaning the first shots were traveling over top of the target.  The reason for this was both the canted 20 MOA Weaver scope mount base, and the height of the scope rings, causing the impact point to be so high.

 This was a simple fix with the adjustment of the scope bringing the impacts into the center right portion of the target.

 Fatigue, heat, and the recoil from shooting a hard hitting caliber from the bench became an issue. So much so that after a couple of hours, and 20 rounds I was done. But not until my last two shots were all but touching, and inside of the 2 inch sticky target.

 More to come.



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