Hurry Up And Wait.

 One of the frustrating things about being an over the road truck driver is a good portion of my life will be spent away from home.  And since Susan refuses to get a couple of extra jobs I guess this will be my fate for a long time. 

  Because of this many times my projects have to sit, and even get shelved.  Because of this one policy I have adopted is not to start a new project until the current one is complete.  

I have received the ammunition that was ordered a couple of weeks ago,  and when it looked like I would be home for Memorial Day weekend I ordered the scope mount, and some snap caps for dry fire practice. 

On my way to Jacksonville to drop my dirty tank the load information for my next load came over the computer, and it was leaving the next day.  So much for the holiday weekend.  For the record I could of gone home that night, and left the next morning, but that just makes me even more grumpy.

I can’t complain to much, other than almost being assaulted at the Petro parking lot in Shreveport, La. the weekend was very productive.

 With the ammo, and mount waiting on the dining room table all that is needed is the mounting levels that will allow the scope/mount/rifle to all be plum with each other. 

 I have used a regular carpenters bubble level for this with ok results.  But considering the regularity of my scope swapping it will be better to have dedicated equipment for this task. 

 I should be mounting, and sighting in the scope the weekend of June 11th. Until then hurry up and wait.


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