The Wait Is Over………….Sort Of.


The 300 RUM arrived at my dealer yesterday, and with a little bit of juggling, and justifying that the kid’s don’t need fed everyday this month I was able to pay it off, and bring home  the latest project.

The 1st photo is the original configuration, the second is with the rifle mounted in a Bobby Hart Long Range Target/Tactical stock that I purchased for a 7mm R. M. build that did not pan out to my satisfaction.

Here is a short video that I threw together.

Even though there should be no problem running the RUM in the B.H. setup I am going to stick with the Bell & Carlson factory stock for now. This is a configuration I became aware of in the mid nineties, and always wanted but just never had the cash, at the same time as one was on the shelf.

The next few parts of of this build will be as follows:

  1. Scope Base
  2. Scope Rings
  3. Scope
  4. 100 Case’s
  5. Reloading Dies
  6. I’ll think of something

The ammo situation with the 300 RUM is a lot like .41 Remington Magnum whereas finding factory loads at the local gun store can be a little daunting. Currently online I have only been able to find about a half dozen loads, and all are over $65.00 for 20.

I enjoy the weird stares of the counter clerks as they slowly explain to you that the box of 300 Winchester Magnum that they are handing you is what you need. Pretty much the same as when they explain to you that it is not called a .41 Magnum, but a .44 Magnum.

The RUM will be around for a long time just like the .41, but for a cost effective, and constant supply of ammunition will require reloading. This is a situation that I am more then happy to deal with as I am an experienced reloader, and it is a part of this sport I really enjoy.

When I come back off the road in the first part of June the scope base should be waiting for me, as well as the dies, and brass.

Once the base is mounted I will be using a SWFA SS 10x scope until I decide what will be the permanent scope for this rig. This will be a decision made mostly on the available funds at the time.

More to come.




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